EDAS = Effective Daily Life Solutions

We saw everyday inconveniences

We used to be no different than most people. We saw everyday ‘inconveniences' as an unavoidable, albeit unfortunate, part of life. The EDAS brand was born out of a desire to put life's inconveniences into someone else's capable hands.

Intelligent ways to overcome life's myriad problems

EDAS is an acronym for Effective Daily Life Solutions. A key tenet of EDAS is that by stepping back and examining situations carefully and unhurriedly, we can discover new, intelligent ways to overcome life's myriad problems, giving people more time to enjoy life.

Making life simply better

Founded in 2011, we have many decades of combined experience in the research and design of industrial equipment. We are now putting this experience to work, creating EDAS products and giving them truly innovative functions to make life simply better.

About the Wet Cleaning Window Robot

While hunting for a new house, our chief engineer, Wayne Hsiao, found the perfect apartment with a splendid mountain view. His instructions to the interior designer were, naturally, to install curtain windows to maximize the apartment's scenic assets.

After moving into his new home, he found his views of the mountains increasingly obscured by the grime that was building up on his windows. It was only then that he truly appreciated the problem at hand. Hand washing could, at best, clean about one-quarter of the surface of his curtain windows. Also, holding squeegees firmly against the outside surface of the window had proved impossible. Moreover, wet/dry cleaning cloths, attached to the end of a telescopic handle, simply moved grime from one part of the window to another unless they were removed, washed, and then reinstalled regularly during the cleaning process- a significant investment of both time and effort.

Having no practical alternative, Wayne reluctantly scheduled “window cleaning” into his weekly to-do list. However, as happens to many well-intentioned plans, his weekly cleanings turned into monthly, biannual, and then annual cleanings before he finally gave up altogether, opting to keep the shades drawn permanently in order to hide the eyesore.

While finally washing the windows after an ultimatum from his wife, he began contemplating to design a wet cleaning robot do the work for him. This was the kernel of an idea that grew into the EDAS Wet Cleaning Window Robot. Wayne would go on to design a window cleaning device that he personally would be willing to buy and that anyone could operate with ease. Over the next four and a half years, he developed the concept into a robot that fulfilled all of his practical expectations. For example, scrubbers had to be wet to get windows truly clean; the device shouldn't be encumbered by electrical cords; device operations should be quiet enough not to disturb the normal activity of people in the room; and every step of device operations from set up to final clean up and storage should be quick and easy.

When Wayne finally brought a final prototype for the EDAS Wet Cleaning Window Robot home,When his wife exclaimed: “You go do something else. I can handle this myself!” after testing the robot, Wayne knew that he had created the window cleaning robot of his dreams.