EDAS M-100 Wet Cleaning Window Helper

Optimized for Creating Perfectly Clean Windows

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Gentle Touch Makes Windows Sparkle Inside and Out

Both indoor and outdoor units use the same, patented wet cleaning mechanism to clean both sides of each pane simultaneously. For particularly difficult-to-clean patches, simply move the Helper to one side, clean by hand, and then return the Helper back to the same place to finish the job. One pass to clean both sides saves effort and time and restores brilliant clarity to your windows in a jiffy.

Wipe Wet, Squeegee Dry for Truly Clean Windows

Our ground breaking, and the world's first patented wet cleaning mechanism effectively eliminates dust and grime to give you back your crystal clear views of the world outside. Indoor and outdoor units have three foam cartridges each, with every one fitted with multiple highly absorbent, superfine foam pads that release water onto the window during cleaning process. Rubber blades glide snugly across the window to squeegee all the water, surface oils, dust, and grime away, leaving your windows perfectly clear. Fall in love with your views on the world all over.

Powerful Permanent Magnets Make Cleaning Windows Even Safer

The power of opposing permanent magnets keeps both units firmly affixed to your windows. High spec requirements and an optimized design ensure magnets always keep the EDAS Helper both on the window and supremely maneuverable. Perfectly tuned magnetic attraction makes cleaning your windows both safe and efficient.

Change Foam Pad Cartridges Easily and Quickly

Our foam pad cartridges hold the secret of wet cleaning magic. A quick-release cartridge lets you pop out dirty pads for cleaning. Simply rinse under cool running water, air dry, and snap back into place. Our foam pads fully clean even large window panels. You get crystal-clear results every time with no bothersome cloth wipes to change or to wash up afterward.
The Window Helper comes with extra 20 foam pads. Additional pads and replacement cartridges are readily available for purchase.

Fashionably Ingenious - Easy to Use and Store

The 1.1kg weight (wet)* and ergonomic handle of the EDAS Wet Cleaning Window Helper makes it easy to hold, set up, take down, and move around. The included exclusive storage box helps keep everything together and in order.
* dry: 0.9kg

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  • M-100 Wet Cleaning Window Helper
  • One pass to clean both sideside and out
  • Wipe wet, squeegee dry for truly clean
  • Powerful permanent magnets for better safety
  • Easily change foam pad / Easy to store
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